Thoughts regarding misandry.

I searched two tags on tumblr. Misogyny and misandry. Misogyny, as I would expect, turned out plenty of pages of people denouncing irrational hatred of women (as it damn well should). Misandry, however, turned up a disturbingly high amount of posts (a majority, in fact) SUPPORTING misandry. Posts about castrating men, posts declaring that misandry, in fact, does not exist.

I’m sorry, but I believe in EQUAL rights, your irrational hatred isn’t justified because society (regrettably) favors males. I respect feminism tremendously, but like all groups, there are a few outlying lunatics who provide misogynists with an easy strawman argument. I wish people would realize that this hatred is just as bad as misogyny, homophobia, racism, etc.

You aren’t allowed to hate someone for something they can’t change.